Devils Tower Terrain Mesh Scenery (Ver. 2)
This terrain mesh covers most of Crook County, Wyoming which contains Devils Tower National Monument. This terrain mesh was obtained from NED 1 arc second data and resampled to LOD10 resolution (38.2m). The area near the Devils Tower was obtained from NED 1/3 arc second data and resampled to LOD11 resolution (19.1m). The exact coverage is everything between W105* 7' 30" to W104* 0' 0" by N45* 0' 0" to N44* 15' 0". Devils Tower can be found by starting at Ipy Ranch (WY14) and traveling on a track of 194 degrees for 3 nautical miles. This version corrects a major positional error that was present in the first release and includes higher resolution data near the Devils Tower.
Version History
Version 1: Initial Release using NED 30m data.
Version 2: Corrected a major positional error. Included higher resolution data near Devils Tower.
Simply copy both *.bgl files to the Flight Simulators "Addon Scenery\Scenery" folder.
These files may be redistributed intact WITH the original documentation. The author retains all rights and ownership. These files have been tested with both Flight Simulator 2002 and Flight Simulator 2004 with no adverse effects.
Tools Used
dlgv32 Pro (Global Mapper) 5
Microsoft Terrain SDK
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