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Problem   Solution
Installation or uninstallation of FS Real Time fails with the following error messages:
"Could not load initialization file."
"Setup cannot continue without first uninstalling FS Real Time. Setup will now close."

To resolve this problem, return the "FS Real Time" folder to the location where it was initially installed or download the patch that will remove the relevant offending registry key from your system such that you'll be able to re-install "FS Real Time".

For more information, refer to the knowledge base article:

Download the hot-fix file associated with this issue:


World Time Zones Scenery does not appear to have any effect in Flight Simulator 98 or Combat Flight Simulator.   There are additional steps required in order to get the World Time Zones scenery to work properly in these simulators. If you're using either of these two simulators, then use the following link for detailed instructions on getting the scenery to work properly.

Additional Instructions for FS98/CFS users


FS Real Time doesn't connect to Flight Simulator. It shows "Not connected to FSUIPC" or "Cannot link to FSUIPC or WideClient".  
  1. Did you install FSUIPC by Pete Dowson? If not, you can install it by running setup again and selecting the FSUIPC option.
  2. Did you start Flight Simulator before starting FS Real Time? (If Flight Simulator starts in full screen mode, press ALT-ENTER to make Flight Simulator a window. You can press it again to return to full screen mode.)
  3. Finally, in FS Real Time, did you click on "Connect"?


The FS UTC Offset seems to do nothing or defaults to a particular offset. Also FS Real Time is reporting the wrong hour for the time zone I'm flying in. Either it's one hour ahead or one hour behind.  
  1. In the Options* menu, point to Settings, then click on General.
    Make sure "Pause on task switch" is unchecked and click OK.
  2. In the Flights* menu, click on "Select a Flight..."
    In the "Choose a category" field, select "My Saved Flights"
    In the "Choose a flight" field, select "Previous flight".
    Make sure "Make default" is checked and finally, click OK

The reason for these two changes is firstly so that the simulator doesn’t pause when working with FS Real Time. Also selecting your previous flight by default helps the simulator determine when it should use the Standard Time offset values or the Summer Time/Daylight Saving Time offset values because when used with FS Real Time, the flight simulator will load with the most recent time it had when you last exited the flight simulator.

Please note: Making your "Previous flight" scenario the default upon loading of Flight Simulator means that your Flight Simulator will load the simulation as it was when you last exited Flight Simulator. This means that if you wish to load a different situation file, it will then become the previous flight upon exiting the simulator.

*This is assuming that you're using FS2002. These troubleshooting tips can be used with previous versions with some interpretation.


FS Real Time shows in the taskbar but when clicked on, does not show its window.  
  1. Close FS Real Time by right-clicking its button on the taskbar.
  2. Navigate to the location where FS Real Time is installed on your hard drive.
  3. Delete the FSREALTIME.INI file. It's the configuration settings file used by FS Real Time.
  4. Restart FS Real Time.

What may be happening is the INI file may be placing the FS Real Time window outside the boundaries of your screen. This is most common for people who have two monitors attached to their computer.


Known Bugs:
  1. After connecting to FSUIPC and clicking on "Auto-Update", (after a successful update), FS Real Time re-reads the difference between UTC and the FS UTC offset. It then sets itself to that difference (usually one second behind) and runs at that offset. FS Real Time should only read the UTC difference once so that the FS UTC seconds will match the UTC seconds. This does not affect FS UTC Offsets set by the user either by pausing, flying at Simulation Rates other than 1x, or by manually setting an offset value.  A temporary workaround is to click "Zero", then "Set" after connecting to FSUIPC and clicking on "Auto-Update".
Known Issues:
  1. The FS Real Time gets its FS Time Zone Offset information from the offset within Flight Simulator. This may or may not correspond to the real-world Time Zone offset for the area in which you're flying. Therefore, FS Real Time may report the time as being an hour ahead of the real-world time for that area. This is NOT a bug. Microsoft is aware of the inaccuracy of the timezone.bgl file included with Flight Simulator. This issue is correctable by using the included World Time Zones scenery files.
  2. When attempting to view an "Instant Replay" in Flight Simulator, FS Real Time will continue to try to maintain the correct time in Flight Simulator causing the "Instant Replay" feature not to function properly. Since there is no known way for FSUIPC to detect when the Flight Simulator is in its "Instant Replay" state, this issue is not programmatically correctable. A workaround for this issue is to "pause" FS Real Time before entering the "Instant Replay" feature of Flight Simulator. To "pause" FS Real Time, simply click "Stop AutoUpdate".
  3. The dates and times that Flight Simulator uses to change the DST (Summer Time) into Standard Time differ from the real world equivalent. This means that when the time changes over in the real world, it doesn’t necessarily change over immediately in the Flight Simulator world also. This in turn means that FS Real Time (for a few days out of the year) is getting incorrect time zone information from Flight Simulator. Since FS Real Time itself can not change the time zone information within Flight Simulator, this can only be done with external BGL scenery. Every effort has been made to accomplish this task of making time zone scenery that matches that of the real world.
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