J Paul Getty Center Museum Scenery
The J Paul Getty Center Museum is perhaps the premiere art museum of Los Angeles, California. Situated in the hills just north of Los Angeles, this museum contains art and sculpture from among the worlds most well-known artists. The architecture is also a fantastic marvel as it contains features that aesthetically fit the site into its natural surrounding hills. Among these features is genuine travertine stone mined from Italy and used for many of the walkways throughout the museum. One of the other nice features of this museum is that admission into the museum is free, which makes this a popular place not only for the people of Southern California but also for people from around the world. This scenery is a faithful recreation of this beautiful museum for use in Flight Simulator.
Version History
Version 0.1: Scenery Development.
These files may NOT be redistributed. The author retains all rights and ownership. These files have only been tested with Flight Simulator 2004 with no adverse effects.
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