Default Scenery Fixes for Two Massive Holes and Four Other Errors
This scenery patch corrects six problems in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 default scenery. Specifically, in FS2004, Millwood Lake which is situated in Arkansas has an enormous error in which half the surface of the lake is 15,000 ft below sea level. The next error is similar to the first error and is situated at Stockton Lake in west-central Missouri at a depth of 11,500 ft below sea level. The next glitch is near Memphis, Tennessee where an airport flatten is causing a hill (or cliff if using high resolution mesh terrain) where there is no airport. The next problem is in Alaska at Girdwood airport (AQY) where the adjacent river is placed too high making cliffs right next to the airport. Another glitch at Davis airport (KMKO) in Muskogee, Oklahoma exists where the runways are situated over large sinkholes and the runways themselves are floating. The final glitch is in Guiana, South America where a 100,000+ ft chasm and a 60,000 ft spire exist along a river. These files correct these errors and reproduce the lakes at their proper elevations, remove the big hill near Memphis, fix the floating runways at Davis airport, lower the elevation of the river at Girdwood airport, and remove the 100,000+/60,000 ft chasm/spire.

To see the following errors:       Start at: Fly heading and distance:
15,000 ft hole at Millwood Lake Glenn Winchester airport (2AR6) 175 for 6.5 nm
11,500 ft hole at Stockton Lake Stockton Mun (MO3) 120 for 6 nm
Big hill near Memphis Delta Flying Service Inc airport (MS65) 117 for 2 nm
Floating runways at Davis airport Davis airport (KMKO) (at the airport)
Girdwood river 'cliffs' Girdwood airport (AQY) (at the airport)
100,000+/60,000 ft chasm/spire Kamarang airport (SYKM) 163 for 6 nm
Detailed overview of what this patch fixes and how
There are a total of seven files affected by this scenery fix. They are FL923190.bgl HP922190.bgl HP922180.bgl HP923180.bgl FL922190.bgl HP908100.bgl HP931290.bgl. most of which are located in the <FS2004 path>/Scenery/Namc/Scenery folder. HP908100.bgl resides in the <FS2004 path>/Scenery/Namw/Scenery folder and HP931290.bgl resides in the <FS2004 path>/Scenery/Same/Scenery folder. The setup program renames the original files so that they are ********.original. (That is to say that they have the same file name but with an "original" file extension). The setup then copies some of the corrected files from the setup folder to the <FS2004 path>/Scenery/Namc/Scenery folder. The other corrected files go to the <FS2004 path>/Scenery/Namw/Scenery folder and the <FS2004 path>/Scenery/Same/Scenery folder respectively. The setup program comes with a un-installation utility that essentially does the reverse of the setup program. It deletes the modified BGL files then renames all the original files back to BGLs.

The only change in the HP922190.bgl file is of Millwood Lake whereas the lakes elevation in the file was incorrectly set to about 4000 meters below sea level. The elevation has been corrected to about 83 meters about sea level.

Correcting the Stockton Lake scenery error required changing the elevation of the lake in two scenery files -- HP923180.bgl and HP922180.bgl. The rest of the data in these two files are original default scenery.

The Davis airport error actually has two flattens. Normally, only one flatten is required to define the elevation of an airport. Davis airport is rather unique in the default scenery since it’s the only one that I know of that actually requires two flattens. I found this out when I removed one of the flattens from the FL922190.bgl file and noticed all kinds of problems at the airport. I then put it back in but at the same height as the other flatten and thus, the error of the floating runways vanished.

Girdwood airport in Alaska is similar in nature to the giant holes errors at Stockton Lake and Millwood Lake and simply required changing the elevation of the river in the HP908100.bgl file from 166 meters to 45 meters above sea level.

The only change in the FL923190.bgl file is of a small region near MS65 where an apparent airport flatten cell was used but there was no airport at the location. The elevation of the flatten was causing a rather large hill that was visible from downtown Memphis, Tennessee. As there are no hills of any real size near Memphis, Tennessee, this was obviously a scenery error which had to be fixed by simply removing the airport flatten cell from the scenery file.

The final fix in Guiana, South America was due to elevation points in the river data that were too close to each other and causing large effects because of it. I simply removed some unnecessary elevation points in the HP931290.bgl file that were too closely bunched together.

Everything else contained within the above mentioned files is default scenery from Microsoft. No changes are made to any other file or program via this setup utility.
Simply run the included setup.exe program. Installation is completely automatic!
These files may be redistributed intact WITH the original documentation. The author retains all rights and ownership. These files have been tested in Flight Simulator 2004 with no adverse effects.
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